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what happens if someone gets your ip address on omegle

If you’re wondering what happens if someone gets your IP address on Omegle, this post is for you.

When Omegle came into existence, it was considered the most private social media network that could enable one to find many people from different parts of the world. It is among the most straightforward platforms anyone can use, you click the start chat button, and you will be linked with another person from the other end. It does not require you to go through any form of registration or even come up with pseudo names and details to have access. An IP lookout tool enables you to find out the IP location of the other person even if they are hiding their location and you are interested in knowing their actual location.

The biggest question is; what happens if someone gets your IP address on Omegle? Here is the answer, your IP address will be revealed, and with the help of the GeoIP locator service, your country, area, ISP information, and the city will be identified. If it is a serious situation that involves the police, then it will even go further to extracting their personal details.

How can you detect another person’s IP address on Omegle?

There is a way that will enable you to find out the IP address of another person on Omegle, but it needs you to be an amicable person. It is not that easy because you will have to make the other person click the link you will send them, which might be hard to convince them.

In Omegle, you can stop chatting with the other person midway, and when this happens, you two will never be paired again. Here you should be very smart that you can make the other person click the link. There are two primary methods that are easily used to help one get the IP address of any omegle user. These are:

1. Use an already-made IP Grabber

Using the already-made IP Grabber is one of the quickest and simplest ways to identify someone else’s IP address on Omegle. It is also known as an IP logger; this is a website that quickly logs into the users’ IP addresses and gives you all their data. There are various IP logger tools today; however, one of the most famous is Grabify IP Logger. Its popularity is because of its ability to use it completely free and without the need to create an account and go through the process of profile registration. You only use the tool for the generation of a URL.

After generating the URL using the tool, you will be required to send it to the target person and convince them to click on it. Once they click on the URL, there you have it, and you get their IP address.

Here are steps on how to use Grabify to get IP address information from the other person:

  • Get a URL of exciting content, especially for your target person; this will make it easy for them to click the URL and generate the IP address.
  • Copy the URL and paste it on the Grabify homepage on the right blank space on the screen
  • Click the create URL button, and the tool will provide a shortened URL that will help you track the IP address.
  • Go to the Omegle page and start your chat, send the link to the person, and convince them to click on it.
  • Once they have clicked, go back to Grabify, paste the tracking code, and tap on the tracking code button.
  • You will be provided with the person’s information; you will even find out their operating system and agents, among other data.

2. Create a personalized Omegle IP Grabber

The first method may not be the most effective for everyone; not everyone can convince a stranger to make them click on a particular URL. This is a gift that not everyone was blessed with. Moreover, the first method highly depends on shortened URLs, something suspicious to most internet users as they are already paranoid about the shortened URLs. Therefore, it might not work for everyone both ways.

Now, if you are always on Omegle, it could be wise of you to consider creating a whole new website from scratch. However, it should be attractive enough that it can be hard to avoid a bait trap for your target.

Let’s see how you can successfully do this and get the IP address of any person on Omegle:

  • Create a website using any programming and coding languages you understand. Ensure that the website is fascinating and convincing, don’t forget to include the main functionality, which is capturing IP addresses. If you are a programmer, this will be the simplest thing you can do.
  • Use a free hosting service to host the new website. This should not worry you because there are many free websites hosting plans you can find and use effectively.
  • Go to the domain registrar like GoDaddy, where you can purchase the most affordable domain name. New users can get the dot com domain for less than the US $0.99 on the GoDaddy.
  • Once your website is successfully set up, you now have a platform that enables you to capture any users’ IP addresses on Omegle. When chatting with the person, you can be nice and direct them to visit your website, and once they are there, you can now get their IP address.

How can you prevent IP tracking on Omegle?

As much as you track other people’s IP addresses, they might be doing the same. When you are paired with a person with advanced hacking skills, you can be worried that they can use either way to get your IP address. Preventing IP address tracking is simple; you should consider using VPN and proxies; these will keep you protected from anyone wanting to know your actual location. Moreover, you can use VPN and proxies to avoid being banned from Omegle if, by any chance, you get blocked.

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The bottom line

Now your big question; what happens if someone gets your IP address on Omegle? It has been answered; once someone gets your IP address, they know your location and much other personal information you would not want to be available to the public. Therefore, either way,, you need to be smart enough to get other people’s IP addresses or prevent yours from others.


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